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The CryptoArte collection is an art project that merges the Ethereum blockchain with non-fungible tokens, and a decentralized platform. The collection itself is made up of 9,895 unique paintings, with each individual painting representing around 576 consecutive blocks of the Ethereum blockchain through a conglomeration of colors, shapes, and decorations. Check out the paintings here!


The process is sequential, so the first painting, painting #0, would be the genesis block. With each painting page, it would tell you the start block, when it was started, and the respective number and time of the end block.

paitning 0.JPG

The page of each painting that is available for the public contains a low-resolution version, a high resolution corner portion of the painting, and another high resolution portion of a randomized part of the painting.

How were these Paintings made?

The paintings themselves were made by transforming the information that already exists on the Ethereum blockchain, where the alteration is deterministic, and similar for all the other paintings. The collection visualizes the information given on the Ethereum blockchain, such as block miners or the amounts transacted, and gives them their own colors and forms.

All the paintings are the same size, and come as a 7,680 x 4,320 pixel digital image where it can be printed in high resolution, fit relatively well on most computer monitors and TV screens, and be downloaded by the painting owners for free. These paintings are auctioned off in increments to interested buyers.

Each painting would have the block number and timestamp as the first and last block respectively, with all the other blocks being ornamented with 4 corner triangles which mimic the security mark of the painting, while providing a mode effect to the painting. The block miners are depicted through a unique icon or shape, which remains constant throughout the whole collection.

In addition, the block has many other properties, such as:

  • Miner color
  • Background color
  • Transparency settings that encode different signals

What is its Current State?

  • Check out the latest auction on Painting #9802 here!auction.JPG
  • CryptoArte has recently minted 12 more paintings that are available for pre-sale here!recent.JPG

Project Details

Project Name: CryptoArte
Discord: Chatroom link

All images are courtesy of CryptoArte.

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