Crypto Going Biometric: Secure Digital Assets with a Heartbeat


Biometric Crypto Wallets?

Think you’ve got a strong pulse on the crypto ecosystem? Think again, you might need to watch the industry a little more closely.

… Okay okay, that’s all the puns I have. Onto a TROVE of new products. TROVE is just that, a biometric device that takes cryptocurrency storage and security to a completely new level. This futuristic design takes shape as a watch or as a wearable necklace. Now you might think that accessorizing isn’t the most secure method to protect digital assets. But TROVE actually monitors your heartbeat and uses the unique rhythm that it provides as a security safety-net.

The team behind TROVE is Layer Design x Fintech Futures, an elegant design solutions company seeking to make cryptocurrency more secure and a lot more integrated into our daily lives. They have a lot of interesting ideas (many are still concepts) surrounding biometric mechanics and utilizing ECG signatures. Here is what they say about token security;

“Users unlock the system using their ECG signature – a biometric method of verification that recognises a user’s unique heartbeat pattern – by touching the contact zone on the front.”




Don’t Panic Sell… Because, You Can’t?

When prices go up or down, so does your heart rate. (Am I right?) When those charts scream into a downward red spiral my heart rate spikes and at times your HODL mindset gets compromised. But with TROVE, maybe you can mediate impulsive trading habits.

Because TROVE monitors your heart rate, what if it couldn’t unlock your assets during a stressful time period? I wonder how that might work. Surely, there are plenty of scenarios for when you need those assets freed up and an ECG signature safety-net would be a horrible idea. However, this technology poses some excited new layers to prohibit poor trading techniques and actions.

If you’re interested in learning more about TROVE and the company Layer Design x Fintech Futures, make sure to explore their website and product list right here.

Images courtesy of Layer Design

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