Cryptanical Art by Unratio

Exploring Cryptanicals with Unratio

We are throwing a bit of sand, nautical bohemian vibes and greenery into the crypto art landscape. When we first understood the vision of bitcoin we felt that paradigm shift. This year we started our design label Unratio and focused on using creative photography to share the romance and possibilities of cryptocurrency. The result is an expanding collection of moody, dreamy, light filled art prints splashed with vintage and retro colour.


Our art style centers around blending universally recognized cryptocurrency symbols into nature with the subtle infusion of pattern and color. We call these rudimentary wreaths of foliage and sea drift – Cryptanicals. Our exploration of life on the coastal fringe intertwines with our adoration for this decentralized economy, pairing elements of dirt, botany and wild ocean with iconic symbols of blockchain technology.

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