Creativechain’s Platform Launch

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Certify your Creative Work on the Blockchain

Today marks the official launch of Creativechain’s user platform. After months of testing previous iterations of the blockchain’s first major interface, the final release is now available to the public as of 10:00am EST to download from their website.



Creativechain is the blockchain underlying Creativecoin (CREA), a cryptocurrency dedicated to the registration and distribution of intellectual property licenses, particularly those artistic in nature. The use of CREA on these various native decentralized applications (DApps) would make it easy to manage copyright information and circulate digital works with full ownership. Creativechain seeks to transform the way creative professionals share their work with the world, without unnecessary 3rd-party mediators and distribution companies. Instead, artists, musicians, designers, architects, and filmmakers can directly allow others to use their content either with official Creative Commons licensing or with a predetermined fee.

The platform integrates a number of social-media features including creating a custom profile, uploading personal works, favoriting particular pieces and creators, leaving comment strings, alongside a number of other key components.

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Project Details

We encourage anyone with a creative bone or two to explore this exciting new platform using the links provided. Make sure to follow their Steemit blog @creativechain.

Project Name: Creativechain
Token Name: CREA
Official Website:


Cover illustration by @zsolt.vidak

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