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Going Off the Charts

Since the launch of our new website for the magazine, we’ve welcomed contributions of all types and from around the world to be considered to be published on the public Billboard. The idea is make The Creative Crypto into a digital waterhole, where all within the crypto-curious realm can come to read the latest stories, updates, activities, and so on that are posted by the diverse and growing population of blockchain mainstays.

The submissions so far have been incredible, ranging from exhibition announcements to calls for entries to unique hip hop soundtracks that are crypto-themed. There have also been many more inquiries on best posting practices and how exactly to receive crypto-backed. So, right here and in successive weeks, we’ll present the guidelines and steps for contributing for Billboard consideration. No more time to waste, let’s dive right in –

Billboard Submission ABC’s

1 – Sign up for a Steem account here. Steem accounts aren’t necessary to have your work or announcements published on the magazine but (if you get published) it will guarantee you a Steem-backed upvote. You can also purchase a Steem account and have access to one immediately – using the same link above.

2 – Create and submit a short-medium form article concerning a creative project, platform, discussion, community, activity, announcement, or whatever else you wish to share. Content must directly relate to cryptocurrency and some form of creative, entrepreneurial, or social initiative. Be sure to pre-upload or link images from IMGUR or another image hosting site and preferably include markdown formatting.

3 – Submit your post along with your contact info through our online form. Please allow up to a week for consideration and all contributors will be notified on whether or not the content was published.

4 – Once published, be sure to comment on your post through so we can give you a crypto-backed upvote! At current market rate, contributors each approximately $5 worth of cryptocurrency per successful submission.

Got a Great Story? Pin in Up

So, there you have it! Throw us your best stories and share the Billboard with anyone you think has an interesting scoop. A big thank you to all of our previous and ongoing contributors for helping make the magazine what it is today.

Stay tuned for any and all future changes. We’ll make sure to let you know in future Billboard announcements.

If you would like to contribute to The Creative Crypto Magazine, learn more by clicking hereVisit us @

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