Codex Celebrates Launch of Codex Viewer Beta with Giveaway and Quests


Screenshot from the Codex Website

A few days ago Codex, a decentralized registry for art and collectibles, opened public beta access to it’s Codex Viewer dApp .

Codex stores an item’s identity securely on the blockchain as a Codex Record. To buy or sell, get insurance, or take out a loan, previous owners, history and authenticity are constantly checked and verified.


Codex Protocol and Currency

The Codex protocol uses a new cryptocurrency called CodexCoin to manage all this.

CodexCoin (CODX) is used to access, modify and verify the data stored on Codex Records, among other uses. There are already auction houses, lenders, appraisers, and fractional ownership companies who have announced plans to use CodexCoin.


The’ve also build an app called Biddable, that lets you use cryptocurrency to buy collectibles at an auction. It is the first app built on top of Codex, but there are plenty more apps to be launched using the Codex Protocol, “from appraisals and insurance to securitisation and asset backed lending.”

Free digital Art

To celebrate the beta-launch of the Codex Viewer, they’re giving away 1000 editions of a digital collage by Sebastian Tory-Pratt called “Digital Assembly” for free.

Bildschirmfoto 2018-06-29 um 16.51.16.png
Screenshot from my Full Assembly edition

You will need to have the metamask add-on installed and point it to the Rinkeby Test Net to get yours.

Codex Quests

They also started a bounty, where you can get up to 50$ worth of CODX for participating in some simple quests. You can read about the details in this Medium post.


They have announced several contests and lotteries for artists and collectors in this Bitcointalk post

Bildschirmfoto 2018-06-29 um 18.21.41.png
Screenshot from Bitcointalk

Smart Contract Bug Bounty

Last but not least, you could also get up to 1000$ in ETH for finding bugs in the Codex smart contract.

Learn more

Here are some links, where you can get in contact with Codex and learn more about it:

Codex Viewer beta
Medium Blog

Finally, here is a short video explaining what Codex is about:

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