Cellarius: Collaborative Storytelling on the Blockchain


Community-Shaped Universe

The universe of Cellarius is a collaborative storytelling platform that is situated in a near-future setting. Different forms of media such as art and written works will help contribute to telling the story of “What if?”, exploring the relationship between AI and the human being in future with major advancement of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Using familiar cyberpunk themes of a dystopian and troubled future while maintaining a more optimistic outlook on humanity’s destiny and place in the cosmos, this platform seeks to utilize the contributions of the community to help tell the story of the Cellarius Universe and log all work on the Ethereum blockchain.


Cellarius has come up with their own implications of how the world will be shaped in response to these technological advancements. They address a lot of the “What if?” questions that would pop up in the head of a typical curious individual, such as:

  • What would happen with further development of the A.I. system?
  • What would happen with research development without government restrictions?
  • What would happen to fiat currency once digital currency takes over?
  • How can it facilitate life on Mars?


These are just a few of the major plot points that Cellarius has set in their universe, and this whole storyline is an educated guess to what might happen if society followed predetermined routes of technological advancement, while utilizing some cliché tropes about “robots taking over” and the consequences of subjectivity in A.I. both in the near and distant future.


Cellarius maintains their own community guidelines and universe guide, which can help give first-time viewers of the project a direction to understanding what Cellarius is about and facilitate their understanding of how it works, where it’s situated, and how they can get involved.

The artwork by the community is also put on display on the website to help get a sense of what other people perceive the lore to be, which provides interesting perspectives to how they see a future that goes down this path. This can also fill in the smaller holes to the tiny details that are otherwise overlooked by the big picture, such as alien lifeforms, fashion sense, or even post-urban planning.

Utilizing Blockchain Technology

The goal of Cellarius is to maximize the usage of a decentralized system in order to create the perfect ecosystem of collaboration between different artist, authors, and other creative professionals. They believe that the technology of the blockchain will provide the right tools set to modernize collective storytelling. The blockchain will be leveraged to maintain immutable lore, asset and provenance management, digital object permanence, and fan curation.

How can it Change the Industry?

The Cellarius team summarized their vision into three goals:

  • Onboard collaborators and content consumers to the technology of blockchain and its capabilities, by expanding awareness and teaching users about these benefits.
  • Create an open marketplace where the users can collaborate and contribute content, and be recognized by their work.
  • Construct an emotional, inspiring, and thought-provoking collection of stories.


This challenges how storytelling is done today, as Cellarius provides an innovative approach of being very thorough with their plot setting, but leaving the rest of the canvas blank for others to fill in. This method nurtures productive discussion amongst collaborators, and develops an ecosystem where creativity can be cultivated in an open-source and transparent manner through the technology of blockchain.

Project Details

Project Name: Cellarius
Website: https://cellarius.network/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/Cellarius2084
Twitter: https://twitter.com/cellarius2084
Medium: https://medium.com/genesis-thought

All images are courtesy of Cellarius.

This post was authored by @twotoedsloth.

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