@cc-billboard Week in Review and Submission Structure


Setting a New Decentralized Foundation

Hello Steemit! It has been about week since the launch of the @cc-billboard account and the preparations for the new community-driven section of The Creative Crypto magazine, and things are already moving fast. We’ve had exactly 14 submissions, including one unique spanish post and soundtrack! As we ramp up the number of contributors, scope of the content, and begin to determine strategic partnerships in terms of contributors, we thought we would do a bit of a recap and help guide individuals who are still wondering if they should try to submit something to the magazine. So, here’s a list of the types of posts that have received great reception and more types of content we anticipate will emerge over the next few weeks –

Project Introductions – Short posts that describe the mission and goal of impact for any new project or platform. So far, we have focused on platforms that support creative work (photo, video, writing) including LBRYCreativeChain, and Po.et. There are hundreds more dedicated blockchains and side projects built on these blockchains to support unique content of all forms, so be sure to keep an eye out for each of these introductions.

Ongoing Project Updates and Event Announcements – We’re organizing with more and more project teams and companies to utilize the Billboard for ongoing updates for their audiences. These posts can range from community competitions, meetup events, feature updates, and anything else that needs engagement from an ever-growing global audience.


Industry Scouting and Curation – Creating unique content on any aspect of the creative crypto world is also very welcome. If you have a themed or curated post that covers multiple platforms or discusses a subset of the industry in general, please submit!

Discussion Topics – These are more theoretical discussions and conversation starters on the nature of blockchain and cryptocurrency on the creative world today. These can be reflections on experiences in the sector or even projections of what is likely to come in the years ahead. The Creative Crypto is also a place to host big-picture discourse and these can fall outside the typical limits of tech-centric thought. For example, this article touches on the current and potential effects of blockchain anonymity on social-media.

Creative Work – The latest soundtrack, a new art piece, even a music video – as long as it connects creativity and blockchain/crypto/decentralization, we want to showcase it! Our latest submission was a new track on crypto and Steemit.

We hope these past examples and themes give you a better sense of how the @cc-billboard is developing into a more comprehensive and dynamic resource of information and discussion. We encourage everyone to submit content along these lines and we have also begun to curate/upvote the submissions. Looking forward to your contributions!

Illustrations by @zsolt.vidak

If you would like to contribute to The Creative Crypto Magazine, learn more by clicking hereVisit us @ thecreativecrypto.com

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