Busy’s v2.0 Blogging Platform on the Steem Blockchain

Busy’s final updates for their v2 have been announced, along with plans for a v3, updates to their team, and partnerships. Busy is a blogging platform powered by crypto and built on Steem. Users publish content onto the Steem blockchain and browse article made by diverse content creators while earning cryptocurrency by both publishing content and upvoting other work. The platform is completely open-source and created for the Steem community platform. Busy is a premiere example of decentralized applications (DApps) that tap into successful decentralized systems and provide a unique interface and experience.

Busy’s goals for v2 include:

  • Creating a true sharing economy with an open, peer-to-peer marketplace for goods and services
  • Ending the high transaction fees and low-value middle-man costs
  • Ensuring a compensation for the creators of quality content

To see the full update on the platform, check out their Steemit post here.

Project Name: Busy
Website: https://busy.org/
Steemit: https://steemit.com/@busy.org

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