Brave: Block Ads, Browse with Comfort, Get Rewarded with Crypto

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Browse Faster, Literally Block Everything

Brave is a platform that enables the user to browse the web at a much faster pace in comparison to other leading browser by blocking out ads and trackers that would otherwise violate your privacy and cost you time and money. In comparison to just creating an adblock extension for the existing browsers, they created a whole new browser because extensions face performance and API limits. Furthermore, popular extensions tend to host counterfeit extensions that are very malicious. Brave creating its own browser creates opportunities for them to fully invest in the speed and privacy capabilities. In order to be versatile, Brave is also willing to start designing a program extension for users that find themselves preferring to browse in other browsers instead.


Brave Payments

Brave Payments is a system that is implemented into Brave, where it enables the user to donate to their preferred content creators anonymously. You just need to create a BAT wallet, and put in your desired amount. Afterwards, the system automatically deposits micro-donations to the websites that you visit based on the time that you devote to them. One can even “pin” their favorite sites to receive a certain amount every month. Brave Payments also does not know your transaction history, therefore they do not have access to your browsing report.

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Blockchain and BAT

With the introduction of the cryptocurrency BAT, the blockchain solidifies itself as an integral part of the Brave experience. BAT, or Basic Attention Token, is a utility token that is derived from the Ethereum technology that can also be utilized as a unit of account between publishers, advertisers, and users on a fresh digital services and advertising platform that is based on the blockchain. The token is neither a commodity or a security, but rather something that is used to integrate the Brave browser, the BAT wallet, and other related blockchain-related functionality.

Currently, there is an abundance of middleman ad exchanges, opaque cross-party sharing through data management platforms, and behavioral and cross-device user tracking that is difficult to understand. As a result, publishers are losing revenue, fraud is increased, and advertisers are dealing with poor targeting and reporting. This method intends to rebuilding the bridge that was burnt between advertisers and ad-blockers through a reward using BAT tokens as a means to reward both parties.

How will it Change the Industry?

Brave directly compares their browser with many other popular browsers, where Brave claims to load major news sits 2 to 8 times faster than Chrome or Safari on mobile, and nearly 2 times faster than Chrome on the desktop.

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Brave also addressed the cost of your own data when loading the ads and tracking whenever you visit sites. Even if one has an unlimited mobile data plan, they would still be paying, as their time and information also retain value.

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What is its Current State?

  • Brave Browser has recently integrated Tor into their new Private Tab Feature! Check out the full article here!


Project Details

Project Name: Brave

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