Blockchain-Powered Content to Keep an Eye On [4/24]

Entering a Crypto Renaissance

As the world of blockchain develops, more and more tools are becoming available for people and professionals of all walks of life to take advantage of crypto-powered resources. Just over the last two years, an arsenal of decentralized applications (or DApps) have made it possible for creative individuals to earn cryptocurrency through the tokenization of written content, music, videos, vlogs, and much more. On The Creative Crypto, we have already begun covering the various technologies that are both available today and accessible in the near future. The projects we report on are exciting tools that seek to transform the nature of creative production as the future of information becomes more liberated, transparent, and individually empowering. Many around the world have already begun to utilize these tools with great success.

So, as a consistent way to bring these works to the forefront, we will be presenting our bi-monthly (the twice-a-month kind of bi-monthly) “Blockchain-Powered Content to Keep an Eye On” – a compilation of inspiring content that has been shared on a DApp. These will include articles on, videos on DLive, artwork on CreativeChain, streams from Rize, podcasts on DSound, and many more.

For our initial overlook of “The State of Crypto Creativity in 2018,” refer to our earlier article here.

Top Picks

Steem Showcase: a social-media token built on the Steem blockchain. Here are some of our top choices:

180424 Dunsky.png

  • Exclusive DTube/Steemit videographer Reinis (@art.visuals) creates beautiful compilations of vlogging, drone footage, documentation, tutorials, and many more in his series “Life in a Movie.” Follow him on his latest adventure here.

180424 Reinis.png

Creativechain SpotlightCreativechain is a blockchain platform that allows image creators to license out their work directly to consumers, facilitated by the native token Creativecoin.

  • Artist Zero produces incredible patterns and textures rendered on Cinema 4D. Here are some samples, all sourced under his BY-NC-ND 4.0 Creative Commons license.

180424 zero-creativechain.png

Kitties 4 A Cause: the CryptoKitties team is always purring with updates and exciting new furry crypto-friends. Kitties for A Cause is a charity effort led by Bella’s Kitty Den to support the Seattle Children’s Hospital. K4C is accepting kitty donations which will be auctioned between April 6th – 30th. All proceeds from sales will go directly to the Hospital. Learn more about the project, here.

180424 K4C.png

If you know of other projects, platforms, or general content made in the cryptoverse, let us know in the comments or on our Facebook and Twitter pages!

Cover illustration by @zsolt.vidak

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