Blockchain for Beginners [Partnering with @kr-marketing to Create English / Korean Crypto Resources]


Understanding Blockchain through Art

Today, we’re excited to announce that we’ll be partnering with the @kr-marketingand @keepit team to translate and present blockchain resources in English and Korean through our upcoming website, The Creative Crypto!

Our magazine is proud to be working with talented illustrators @leesol and @leesongyi. Over the last year, these talented artists have collaborated alongside @keepit (The Korean Blockchain Journal) to produce a vivid series of crypto-explainer images, videos and infographics on the @kr-marketing page. They have taken on the monumental task of explaining a myriad of terms, major tokens, and timely updates out of the crypto world into easily understandable graphics for all newcomers in Korea. The @kr-marketing account has compiled an extensive encyclopedia; bundled into themes, topics and chapters.

English + Korean Crypto-Infographics

Now it’s time to develop the English resource for our global crypto audience of makers and shakers.

For @creativecrypto, each week we will provide a batch of new chapters on the @creativecrypto account and The Creative Crypto newsletter, for which you sign up for here. As we publish more and the interface is available to the public, we’ll be developing a dedicated part of the website that will act as a comprehensive resource section for anyone looking to learn and brush up on all the diverse terminology and token diversity of the current blockchain ecosystem.

Here is a sneak peek of the Resources page –
180501 Website Preview.png


Since we’ll soon have the full roster of English translations alongside the Korean resource, The Creative Crypto will begin to build up the first comprehensive multilingual resource as to make blockchain and crypto developments more accessible to everyone around the world.

So stay tuned each week for a new set of themed vocabulary cards and succinct token descriptions. We’ll present a bundle of several new translations each week!

Cover illustration by @zsolt.vidak

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