Bitcoin Art (r)evolution Event in Paris [Sep 27 – Oct 5, 2018]

Join pioneers of the CryptoArt movement in Paris next month for the “Bitcoin Art (r)evolution” in Paris, France between September 27 and October 5 this year. The event will be part exhibition, part auction and all artwork will be purchasable with cryptocurrency, with some pieces even having tokens embedded in the work. The event was organized by French artist Pascal Boyart and exhibited artists include Cryptograffiti and Coin Artist (Marguerite deCourcelle).

This exhibition will be a world premiere in Paris: international artists from various horizons will exhibit their works about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. They will make discover the symbols of this universe still little known to the general public by illustrating the genesis of this digital revolution similar to the beginnings of the Internet.

Event Name: Bitcoin Art (r)evolution – The rendezvous between art and cryptocurrencies
Date and Location: Sep 27 – Oct 5, 2018. 15 avenue Messine, 75008 Paris.

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