Behind The Scenes – Hip Hop The Blockchain Music Video Shoot

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On May 12 2018 we shot the Music Video for the Hip Hop The BlockchainAnthem. Despite working in the club until 5am, the lack of sleep didn’t hold me back from enjoying the whole process.

We had connected with Mew Nusic via Yellow Hive, who had held an event for Team Malaysia a while back and engaged them to shoot the video for us.

It was a hot and humid day in Kuala Lumpur and the abandoned building site we chose was already busy with other photo shoots and activity. The crew was already there when I showed up and had all our spots selected and were ready to go.



DJ Lethal Skillz soon arrived as I was finishing up my opening bits (photos above) and we geared up to shoot a few more of my scenes before moving on to his parts. In 30+ degree weather you could imagine I was sweating up a storm in that black jacket and face mask, but I’m pretty much used to the hot weather of Malaysia already.



Before long brother Truf arrived on the scene without a pocket full of green and took to the walls with cans in hand. At this point we were pretty much half-way through the shooting and we’re almost ready for our packed lunch goodies supplied by the crew.



I won’t spoil it too much, I’m sure you’ve already seen the Music Video by this point. So… Here’s what i shot “From A Vandal’s Perspective” and put together just for you!

Learn more about our Hip Hop The Blockchain Initiative at @hhtbthanks!

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