Basics of a Blockchain Encyclopedia [Korean + English Pt. 2]

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Illustrating the Blockchain Universe

Our magazine is working with the @kr-marketing and @keepit team to build out a Resource page for The first phase is available to preview right now in both English and Korean, right here. Throughout each month, we’ll be publishing new translations of blockchain and crypto terminology that will be added to the “Encyclopedia” of the website. The Encyclopedia will include key words, grouped according to themes and designed to help newcomers and old-timers alike become more fluent with the global cryptosphere. Learn more about our partnership with the incredibly talented illustration and marketing team of @kr-marketing and the blockchain journal @keepit, right here.

Make sure to explore the original Korean version by visiting the @kr-marketingpage.

This week’s chapter covers another series of key terms and a mix of more complex concepts. If you’ve ever wondered what the difference between a virtual currency and a cryptocurrency, look no further! You can also visit our Resources page to explore the first set of terms outlined in both languages:

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Encyclopedia - POW Slide.png

Encyclopedia - Nonce Slide.png

Encyclopedia - Network Slide.png

Encyclopedia - Difficulty Slide.png

Encyclopedia - ASIC Slide.png

Encyclopedia - Block Reward Slide.png

Encyclopedia - Time Stamp Slide.png

Encyclopedia - Cryptocurrency Slide.png

Encyclopedia - Virtual Currency Slide.png

Encyclopedia - Cryptography Slide.png

Encyclopedia - Crypto Economy Slide.png

Explore the Resource Page

We have many more website updates coming soon. In the future, we’ll also be adding profiles, flash-cards of different cryptocurrencies, a search bar, and a A-B-C beginner’s introduction for those of us who are entirely new to the words “blockchain.”


Make sure to explore the original Korean version by visiting the @kr-marketingpage.
Click here to explore Chapter 1 of the Blockchain Encyclopedia.
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