Basics of a Blockchain Encyclopedia [Korean + English Pt. 1]

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Illustrating the Blockchain Universe

Last week, we announced our new partnership with the @kr-marketing and @keepit teams to translate, adapt, and present their concise blockchain and crypto terminology on the @creativecrypto page and website interface. Starting this week, we’ll be posting bundles of key words, grouped according to themes and designed to help newcomers and old-timers alike become more fluent with the global cryptosphere. As each are presented, our team will be adding them to (launching very soon!) as a public and open resource. If you would like to see all of the Korean originals, head over to the @kr-marketing page where the team has published weekly installments.

This week’s chapter will bring us back to basics and cover the terms that structure this new value and information system. If you’ve ever wondered where the “block” in blockchain come from, you’ll need to dive right into these explainer cards. Here’s a sneak peek at how our website Resource page is shaping up:

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Encyclopedia - Blockchain Slide.png

Encyclopedia - Block Slide.png Encyclopedia - Genesis Block Slide.png
Encyclopedia - Block Header Slide.png Encyclopedia - Block Height Slide.png
Encyclopedia - Main Chain Slide.png Encyclopedia - Orphaned Block Slide.png Encyclopedia - Merkle Tree Slide.png

More to Come!

Next week, we’ll take a deeper look into more of the colloquialisms that describe the functions and nature of blockchain technology. Looking ahead, we’ll be adding profiles / flash-cards of different cryptocurrencies as well.

Our goal is to build into a multilingual 1-stop-shop resource. We’re excited to share Phase 1 of the website with you all very soon!


Read the original Korean version of this Chapter here.
thumbnail by @zsolt.vidak | diagrams by @kr-marketing

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