Announcing The Creative Crypto’s Initial Magazine Offering [IMO]


Let’s Make it Real

Introducing – Volume 1 of IMO

It’s time for our Initial Magazine Offering. The ‘CryptoArt’ world is replete with vivid imagery and even more vivid stories and characters. We knew that at some point, our team would have to come up with something special, not the expected glue binding and print on paper. Rather, something more reflective of the innovations going on in the Blockchain environment. With revolutionary technologies like non-fungible tokens and unique key combinations leading to years-long easter-egg treasure hunts, the first edition of The Physical Creative Crypto Magazine could be something that truly embodied the art and culture being crafted around us.


And what incredible stories we could tell. From just a few months of articles, we’ve captured insight into whole new collaborative artistic tools like DADA, new digital marketplaces like SuperRare and KnownOrigin, industry-changing tokenized registries including Codexand Maecenas, a whole new asset class of non-fungible tokens, and the millions the Steem blockchain has funded to aspiring creators that struggled endlessly on YouTube and Tumblr. We believe these stories are what legitimize the space and build trust for the crypto curious all around us. And thus far, these stories have been trapped behind conference doors and underneath piles of digital articles and whitepapers.

We’re now excited to announce our first ambition to ground those stories and create a physical token that entwines all this diverse value. Introducing the first – IMO.


Initial Magazine Offering [IMO]

Introducing the first ever IMO. Cheesy and ‘punny’, yes, but yet exemplifies everything we’re trying to do with it. Our task is simple – Can we create a volume that sustains lasting and dynamic value? Something that people would want to track, interact with, and follow-up on even years down the line?

Publications have historically been collectibles in themselves, technically scarce and stocked with unique creative work – writing, art, comics and cartoons, and plenty of personal interpretation of the world. Unfortunately, with the flood of global access and boundless nature of digital distribution, we don’t consider them to have much lasting value anymore past subscription fees.

We have an opportunity now to reinvigorate that tradition. We’ll create unique volumes that are tokenized on a blockchain. We’ll fill those tokens with scarce artwork, both physical and digital. We’ll have special bonus content and easter egg prizes only unlockable with certain procedures. We’ll make it so that any given consumer isn’t just reading up on blockchain, but also interacting with blockchain itself with every page turn.

So over the next several months, we’ll be pursuing this goal with completely brand new content, interviews, artwork, thought pieces, and discussions, all through our partnerships of projects across blockchains. There’s a lot of ground to cover, a foundation that is also constantly in flux with new projects materializing all the time, and we’re excited to bring all of that together for the global crypto curious audience.


Crypto-Crowdfunding with Fundition

Of course, we couldn’t end this announcement without giving proper credit to the platform we’re utilizing for support and fundraising for this campaign. @Fundition [Website] is a Kickstarter equivalent built on the Steem blockchain. However, unlike the older crowdfunding website, Fundition keeps track of staked votes that ‘donors’ help support the campaign with. By utilizing Steem-backed votes, no actual finite amount of fiat or crypto is given or taken. Instead, backers help the campaign generate Steem through the rewards pool.

We’re proud to have used fundition during the campaign for The Crypto Renaissance in New York City and now again for IMO. Big thanks to the team for their ongoing enthusiasm and support!

Look out for IMO1 : Available – Q1, 2019

We’ll be sharing our progress and design ideas as we go along. So stay tuned, keep tabs, offer feedback, and share insights. This decentralized publication will be a living and breathing experiment that mirrors the crypto world today. Each volume will provide a new window into the growth and progression of the blockchain era.

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