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Welcome crypto-curious readers! Today, we’ll be looking at a more logistical aspect of the magazine and one of the major benefits of building a website on the Steem blockchain, including ways that you yourself can benefit.

For those missed one of our earliest posts, we explained during our launch that because this website was built on a Steem account and since Steem is a Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) system, this website is actually ‘mining’ cryptocurency by posting content. As more articles are put up on our magazine and public Billboard, our @creativecrypto account accrues more Steem. We then use that growing supply of staked crypto to upvote other accounts and help them generate crypto themselves.

Simply put – if you or your team has a Steem account and helps contribute material and/or Billboard updates, we’ll help you generate crypto.

What if I don’t have a Steem account?

If you are part of a company, initiative, or project with a proven track record of content and engagement, we’ll make a new Steem account for you. If you would like to create one on your own immediately, we laid out the instructions on a recent Billboard article here.

This brings us to the second part and main meat of this article –

Introducing Our Whitelist

The Creative Crypto voting whitelist is a roster of approved Steem accounts that @creativecrypto will vote on and help earn Steem. The goal is to motivate diverse projects in the crypto space, regardless of blockchain, utilize the social network behind Steemit to share their stories, content, explanations, etc. in one place. Realistically, crypto-curious creatives are operating across an array of multiple platforms with overlapping communities. So why not create an ecosystem where everyone can share, benefit, and where your readership can get all their information in once place?

So far, the the accounts on the whitelist include @dadanyc@steemmonsters@decentraland@slothicorn@hardfork-series@musicoin@volareo and @creativechain. We hinted at the whitelist in a recent tweet –


We’re Voting with 29,000 Steem Power

We’re excited to announce that the @creativecrypto account now has 29,000 Steem to vote with! This will help all of our contributors on the whitelist earn crypto with the publicity, work, engagement, and development they’ve already been doing, while simultaneously reaching the growing crypto-fluent Steem community!

So we encourage you and your team to get more involved with the magazine! Have an awesome story to share that we haven’t covered? Contact us (hello[@] to connect for future main articles. Have announcements, updates, events, or just want to show off the awesome work of your community? Share it with us on the Billboard! Help us build a community of empowered global creatives and get rewarded for doing so.

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