Announcing LBRY’s New Monthly Contest! [YouTube Sync + Networking Bounties]


The LBRY Community is hosting a video contest for the next two weeks along with its own networking bounty system! For the video contest, simply record a video tutorial for explaining the use of YouTube Sync, while mentioning both the LBRY community and LBRY app, coupled with 3 of their provided links. You can use any kind of recording software, whether its your smartphone, a webcam, screen recorder, or a video camera, and upload your entry to the LBRY platform.

Contest Details:

  • Start Date – 30th of July, 20:00 UTC
  • End Date – 13th of August, 20:00 UTC
  • Winner Announcement Date – 20th of August, 20:00 UTC

How to Enter:

  1. Record a video with real-life footage. Record yourself or another person explaining Youtube Sync
  2. Edit the video
  3. Upload video on and Youtube
  4. Register your entry
  5. Wait until we have voted for the best video

Prize Details:

  • 1st place – 4000 LBC
  • 2nd place – 1000 LBC
  • Participation Reward – Elegant Community Bags & Stickers

In addition, there is a networking bounty event, where you can participate on performing tasks to spread the word and doing some networking. More information about the networking bounty and various tasks you can do to earn LBC can be found here!

Prize Details:

  • 1st place – 1000 LBC
  • 2nd place – 600 LBC
  • 3rd place – 400 LBC

Contest Overview:

Project Name: LBRY

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