An Unlikely Crypto Creative [Interview with Mark Bern, Artist]

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The “Unlikely Crypto Creative” series of interviews and stories are centered around creative professionals who have made their way into the world of blockchain and have begun to apply their practices to the new domain.

The Creative Crypto (TCC): Hi Mark! For everyone reading out there, tell us a bit about yourself and your career as an artist.

Mark Bern: I had quite an unorthodox journey into the art world. For years I was creating art prints for myself on my computer. A few years ago, I had a few friends over who were constantly complimenting my work without realising it was created by me. After the support of several friends in the art world, I decided to send a few of my pieces to an art event. My work was an instant hit so I started my career as a pixel artist. Back in the ’90s as a teenager I used a computer to start my own internet company at the age of 19. I was surrounded by geeks, hackers and other innovators in the field of information technology. Back then computers were not really part of our lives and I was fascinated to create art with new electronic tools.

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TCC: How did you come to learn about and embrace the world of cryptocurrency?

Mark Bern: I personally got in touch with Bitcoin in 2012 and already back then saw the huge impact crypto assets will have on economy and society. So selling my own art in exchange for Bitcoin made sense.

As a tech-savvy geek I was fascinated by the opportunities digital currencies like Bitcoin have to offer. By accepting Bitcoin five years ago I was one of the first artists worldwide selling my art pieces in exchange for Bitcoin. As you can imagine I am very happy with this decision…

TCC: Tell us a bit about your work and why you’ve decided to integrate crypto logos in them.

Mark Bern: From Photoshop to Instagram filters, it seems as if everyone these days can call themselves an artist. Modern technology and the digital world has certainly expanded the potential of creativity. But the ownership of computers does not make us all artists, just as purchasing paintbrushes does not make anyone the next Michelangelo. For me a pixel is the basis of everything in the digital world. If you look into the modern world, you will notice everything is a pixel. Now we don’t see it with great technology, like smartphones and LED screens, but to me, the simple pixel, the square at the end is still the basis of everything in the world.

As mentioned, I bought my first Bitcoin in 2012 and was quite deeply involved in the early days of cryptocurrencies. So implementing crypto logos in my daily work as a pixel artist seemed obvious to me and after just accepting Bitcoin to buy my artwork I also integrated crypto logos in my art pieces.

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TCC: There aren’t that many artists and designers involved in blockchain yet. Do you think the art world will make a lasting impact on crypto and/or vice versa?

Mark Bern: I think there are so many obvious synergies between blockchain and art so we will see far more crypto related art projects in future.

TCC: What does the future hold for a blockchain-powered Mark Bern?

Mark Bern: I have a few very exciting blockchain related and completely new pixel artworks in the making so will keep you posted as soon as I can tell you more 😉

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TCC: Where can we see and learn more of your work?

Mark Bern: The most convenient way is to follow me on InstagramFacebookor Twitter. If you happen to be in Berlin or Zurich (we call it Crypto Valley) then drop me a note and we can meet in person.

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