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There has been a steady increase in crypto-swag these days. Often injected with good humor, these products and other goodies are made to celebrate the good, bad and ugly surrounding across the blockchain world. Crypto culture is steadily maturing as we move away from pure hype and prospects for riches, and more towards understanding the diverse impact of the emerging technology. There are many different websites for you that sell crypto-merchandise and more designers seem to be taking advantage of this growing niche. Celebrate with us by taking a look at these different products!

Bitcoin Cupcakes

There are many different ways to celebrate cryptocurrency, and Jennifer Longson from San Francisco celebrates by baking cupcakes with Bitcoins on them! Her shop is called Cups and Cakes Bakery and customers can pay using Bitcoin through the BitPay app. Her husband works in the tech industry and he’s very excited about Bitcoin, leading to this awesome idea!

Check the full article on these cupcakes here!


Cryptocurrency SWAG

The Cryptocurrency SWAG website sells t-shirts, hoodies, and even collectible coins in celebration of the advent of cryptocurrency, making it one of the most comprehensive marketplaces for the hardcore crypto-fan.

Check out their collectible coinst-shirts, and hoodies!



And Another One…

This is another website that sells cryptocurrency-celebrated merchandise called Crypto$wag. Crypto$wag sells a variety of merchandise from shirts to socks to hats to bags to mugs to phone cases, etc.

Check out their website here!


Banksy and @gomatthew

@gomatthew is a member of the Steemit community, and he did a wonderful blog post on advertising his cryptocurrency-inspired t-shirts that had a crossover with Banksy, a famous graffiti artist. Support him by checking out his Red Bubble, or his Teespring profiles!



What’s your favorite?

A shout out to our Creative Crypto’s (you!) what’s your favorite#cryptoswag? Leave a comment below (or message us on twitter) and stay tuned for the next edition of Best Crypto Swag.

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