1,000 Followers + Big Updates

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A New Milestone

This past week we celebrated our 1000th follower on the @creativecryptoaccount! Since the first announcement of the online magazine in March, we’ve published 14 articles to experiment with a range of topics and formats, even launching a weekly livestream series. The ball is rolling and we’re very grateful to have such a motivated community to help us get it off the ground.


In terms of our other outreach metrics, our Facebook page recently hit 216 followers and Twitter currently has 548 followers. 2018 is already shaping up to be a big year for this magazine and again, it’s thanks to you all in the Steemit and crypto community at large.


In the Pipeline

We also want to take this moment to cover some significant updates as we prepare for the website launch. The @creativecrypto will be much more than just a few articles per week and our aim is to make this one of the most impactful content sources in the blockchain ecosystem.

Website Development Preview

Our team is putting the finishing touches on the website and will be live soon! We’ve made major headway in the structure and presentation of the website and are currently adding on additional features and resources, learn more here. We want to extend a tremendous thanks to @jeffbernst for the development work. Here’s a sneak peek at the interface, below –



Major Content Partners

For the sake of presenting the best creative content in the cryptoverse, we’ve teamed up with seasoned professionals including David Abelson for our fully produced Blockchain & Bourbon episodes and the PROPS Project with their Rize app for our weekly livestreams.


Addition to Soliciting Power and Steem Projects Sites

The @creativecrypto project and account was recently added to @roelandp‘s new Soliciting Power website where Steem-powered projects can ask for delegation support from the public as well as @noisy‘s website, Steem Projects. Check out our showcases on both platforms and we welcome your support!


Voting Curation Strategies

We’ve been experimenting with the @creativecrypto account’s voting bot for the last few weeks and have momentarily suspended it to make changes. Thanks to @emrebeyler for developing this resource with us! We’ll have it back in operation very soon with new curation guidelines.

Those are all the updates for today. Be sure to follow future announcements on our @creativecrypto account as we get closer to our website launch in May!

Cover illustration by @zsolt.vidak

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